We are not just a Church, we are a family. 

If you want a Church and a family come visit us.

Interlachen Church of the Nazarene is a Church that is trying to reach the community with the great love of God through His son Jesus Christ. We believe all should be welcome, and are welcome in our services. We bring only the true Word of God, the messages are relevant to our world today, so come and see what God is doing in and through us here at Interlachen Church of the Nazarene.

Pastor Jeff Kramer



Sunday School                   9:45 am
Worship Service              10:45 am

Sunday Evening                6:00 pm


Children, Teen & Adult Ministries         7:00pm
NMI Mission Service - First Wed of every Month

 Every month that has 5 Sundays, we gather together at 6:00pm on the 5th Sunday and have a Praiser and Worship night where we give the Lord Praises all night.  Everyone is welcome to participate. You may sing a song, read a poem, give a testimony or even perform a small skit.  Anything to give praises and glory to our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ.


We are a PROTESTANT Church
We believe that men and women are saved when they, by God's grace, exercise their faith and make a decision to follow God's call.  This decision must be supported by repentance of sins and conformity to the example of Jesus.  Further, we believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority in matters of faith and practice, and that every believer should communicate with God through Jesus Christ alone, our only Priest.

We are a HOLINESS Church
We believe that the Holy Spirit can free the believer from his slavery to sin by completely cleansing his heart and filling it with God's love.  This "fullness of the Spirit" follows the believer's full commitment to God and results in the power to live a victorious Christian life.

We are a PERSONAL church
We believe that worship and the Christian walk should be a personal and meaningful experience, that fellowship with other believers should be close, and that every member has a gift from God and must exercise his or her personal freedom to use that gift in the life and ministry of the church.


We worship... We study God's word together... We share, praise and pray together... Lots of times we just laugh and have fun... together.


We're  just people... a small part of a big family.  Some of us are short... tall.... older... younger.  Some of us are married... some of us aren't.  We're all so different, it's hard to believe that we all have the same Heavenly Father.


We believe in the traditional creeds which have guided the Christian Church throughout the centuries.  Therefore, we believe, for example, in the Trinity, the deity and humanity of Jesus, the saving sacrifice of Christ upon the cross, and His bodily resurrection from the dead.


   1.  Jesus was called a Nazarene.  His boyhood home was in the town of Nazareth.
   2.  Later, the followers of Jesus were called Nazarenes.
   3.  The Apostle Paul, on trial for his life, was accused of being the ringleader of the Nazarenes.

Of course, Jesus did not find any denomination, but because we bear His name, it is held in deep respect by us who are members of the Church of the Nazarene.  To be like Jesus should be the supreme desire of all Christians.  His teachings form the basis of our doctrine, and His life, our example.

Below is a list of Sermons that have been recorded during our AM Worship Service. Listen and enjoy.
There are other videos to watch and/or listen to that we have posted on our
YouTube channel at "Interlachen Church of the Nazarene".